Meet the Emprocom Team

Name: Carl Gryniewicz
Position: Managing Director / Senior Consultant

Carl is highly experienced in a number of industries, with construction being his specialist area. With the advent of the CDM 2015 Regulations, Carl carries out the CDM Adviser role for construction projects varying from small works to multi-million pound budgets.

Carl also gives training on the CDM Regulations to those needing awareness training, and those holding specific roles within CDM 2015 such as designers and principal designers.

Carl continues to hone the systems we have along with the other consultants, ensuring the simple and effective systems our clients appreciate are constantly evolving and improving.

Name: Chris Smith
Position: Safety and CDM Consultant

Chris joined Emprocom in 2016, coming from a safety management role in the offshore oil drilling industry.

Chris has a medical background and it was whilst in his role as a medic on offshore installations that he decided that, rather than treating the injuries often caused as a result of poor Health & Safety, he would focus his attention on prevention and he became the rig’s Safety Officer where he contributed to their two-year incident free record.

Chris’ varied background is already proving invaluable to Emprocom clients.

Name: Ben Lingard
Position: CDM and Safety Consultant

Originally trained as a joiner working in both marine boat building and construction sites, Ben brings great practical knowledge to the application of his CDM duties and safety consultancy alike.

Ben specialises in construction safety consultancy alongside acting as a CDM consultant working on a variety of projects from residential housing to multi million pound commercial projects for our broad range of clients.

Name: Tom Smith
Position: Health and Safety Consultant

Tom joined the Emprocom team in September 2017.

Tom began his career within the engineering sector serving an advanced apprenticeship, and began a career as a full time health and safety practitioner in 2010 with expertise in both the engineering and construction industries.

Tom has a BSc Degree in Safety and Environmental Management, and due to his varied background and practical experience, Tom brings a very pragmatic and innovative approach to issues when assisting his safety consultancy clients.

Name: Megan Beaumont
Position: Office Administrator

Megan joined Emprocom in 2014 and plays an important role in supporting our team in administration.

Megan arranges and manages all our safety training courses and supports our clients and consultants in their day to day needs.

Name: Jade Exton
Position: Office Administrator

Jade joined Emprocom in 2015 and provides a supportive role to our clients and consultants, including organising and compiling project Health and Safety files for all CDM projects.

Jade works with clients and contractors ensuring the project health and safety files have a comprehensive content in a user friendly format for future use.

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