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Working from height: A cautionary tale

A London based construction firm has been fined after workers were put at huge risks of injury while working at height.

23 September 2019

Late last month it came to light that London based construction firm STS Constructions had been fined £26,666 after workers “were put at significant risk of falling from height at a west London property”.

An inspection took place in May last year where they found multiple “unprotected edges” that people could fall off and also a “floor that was being removed by a handheld breaker while workers were standing next to it”. It’s fair to say that these are not the smartest moves to make while you’re on a construction site!

Although you might be thinking that this sum of money doesn’t look that intimidating, we are confident that for a construction company the size of STS – who are most likely working on multiple projects at the same time – they’ll be eager to make sure none of these fines happen again. Why? Because take from us, these fines can quickly stack up and cause some serious cash-flow problems for a business of any size!

It’s also worth noting that when legal proceedings like this come to light, it’s not just the financial hit that could sting the company, it’s also the damaged reputation. No one wants to be ‘that company’ who puts their employees at risk just to save themselves a bit of time on skipping out on all the safety precautions.

If you’re unsure about if you’re safety procedures are up-to-scratch – don’t leave it to chance! Get in touch and let’s see how we can help you keep your employees safe.

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